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    Faculty Hoodie Sale: Kingston Youth Shelter

    As I'm sure many of you have heard, the Kingston Youth Shelter experienced a fire at one of their locations. Besides sustaining damages to their facility, 5 residents of the shelter lost all of their belongings. We are happy to announce that with some of the profits raised at our annual Faculty Hoodie Sale, we were able to donate 750$ to the 5 residents in hope that they could re-purchase some of their lost belongings. We would like to thank everyone who came out to that sale and made this donation possible!

    Kingston Youth Shelter Donation

    Smith Sale: Boys and Girls Club of Kingston

    We're donating $3000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston & Area this Christmas! Thanks to everyone who came out to our SMITH quarterzip and rugby shirt sale, you made this happen!

    Boys & Girls Club Donation 

    Homecoming Sale: jack.org

    This past HOCO, OTD raised OVER $10,500 in profit that we are donating to Jack.org in support of reducing mental health stigmas! We are SO proud of this accomplishment and want to thank YOU, our customers, for helping support this cause as well! Take a look at our quick video we made to show our thanks

    Jack.org Donation

    OTD x Jack.Org Homecoming Sale

    This past HOCO, OTD raised OVER $10,500 in profit that we are donating to Jack.org in support of reducing mental health stigmas! We are SO proud of this accomplishment and want to thank YOU, our customers, for helping support this cause as well! Take a look at our quick video we made to show our thanks (watch in HD):Also, shout out to everyone who helped bring the hoco sale to life: Sophie Sahara Photography, Vogue Charity Fashion Show and QFLIC!Song: Celeste - Ezra Vine

    Posted by Oil Thigh Designs (OTD) on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

    Archive 2014-2015

    #OTDonates Wrap-Up

    Thats a wrap on #OTDonates.To have been able to donate $10,000 across 5 amazing charity is an awesome feeling, and a new record for Oil Thigh Designs! This $10,000 has been divided across 5 charities, receiving $2,000 each. We want to thank all our customers for choosing OTD throughout this past school year, whether it be a custom order or a retail purchase, every little bit counts. Stay tuned for all to come in the coming year.
    From all the staff at OTD, thank you.
    Mad OTDluv.


    #OTDonates Day 5: Boys and Girls Club of Kingston

    For more than 100 years, Boys and Girls Clubs in communities across Canada have been helping young people to discover, develop, and achieve their best potential as they grow to become Canada’s future adults, citizens and leaders, by engaging them in ac
    tivities that challenge and help them develop healthy minds and bodies. Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada is also a leading provider of quality after school and out-of-school programs to children and youth that support the healthy physical, educational, and social development of more than 210,000 young people and their families in Canada each year. 

    The Boys and Girls Club in Kingston will be using Oil Thigh Designs’ donation to support their homework program. Each day after school, all of their members complete their homework with assistance from an Ontario Certified Teacher in order to ensure that they are receiving the help that is necessary for strong academic performance and achievement of educational goals. This program is invaluable to young members of the Boys and Girls Club – for some kids, it’s the only environment available to them where they can experience a quiet place to complete homework. It also means that once they go home, parents are able to spend quality time with their children rather than worry about homework completion. This is offered at each of the Boys and Girls Club sites, and OTD’s funding will provide resources to help them continue this great work.

    #OTDonates Day 4: World Wildlife Fund

    The World Wildlife Fund is wholeheartedly committed to building a future where human needs are met in harmony with nature. Their work has evolved from saving species and landscapes to addressing the larger global threats and forces that impact them. Recognizing that problems facing our planet are increasingly more complex and urgent, they are findinginnovative ways to refine and deliver on this new strategy.  

    Oil Thigh Designs’ donation to the WWF will be directed to worldwide conservation activities. We feel confident that our donation will be applied ethically and productively based on the organization’s guarantee that 84% of all expenses are allocated towards programs, 11% is used for fundraising, and only 5% is applied to financial and administration activities. We also know that our donation will be used in WWF’s fight to secure a future for animals on the planet we all share by continuing to keep habitats and landscapes thriving.

    #OTDonates Day 3: Precious Minds Support Services

    Precious Minds helps individuals who have developmental challenges meet their highest potential by offering programs to develop skills for life, and by providing holistic family support. They aim to offer care, support, and hope to families while eliminating barriers such as costly fees, travelling long distances, and lack of programs. They have programs for individuals affected by developmental challenges to help build social and life skills in a safe and fun environment. The also offer sibling support groups, family networking, and transition support from pre-K to adulthood. This plethora of services has helped dozens of families adjust to a variety of challenges that come with caring for and supporting our families.

    Precious Minds is not governmentally funded and relies solely on the generosity of private community groups and individuals to help raise funds and keep fees affordable for their families. OTD’s donation will help fund their summer camp programs, Lego club, and Fitness Zone swim programs while keeping enrolment fees to a minimum and therefore keeping them accessible to all families regardless of their financial situation.

    #OTDonates Day 2: Kingston Youth Shelter

    The Kingston Youth Shelter strives to make a difference in the lives of homeless youth by offering a safe and supportive emergency shelter that encourages their growth and provides them with access to community resources. The organization is Kingston’s only shelter specifically serving youth. Making themselves available 24 hours a day to assist both male and female youths between the ages of 16 and 24 who are in need of support, the tireless staff employ a simple referral process in order to hold up to 15 youth per night. 

    Oil Thigh Designs’ donation will help The Kingston Youth Shelter provide a comforting environment with nutritious food, counseling, support, and life skills training. OTD’s will also be put towards their unique Reunite Program, which seeks to assist youth that have left their homes to reunite with their parents or guardians across Canada by providing family support and transportation at no cost. All contributions made to the Kingston Youth Shelter are allocated directly to their youth programming.

    #OTDonates Day 1: Jack.org

    Jack.org, in short, seeks to save and improve the lives of young people. Jack.org is the only national network of young leaders transforming the way we think about mental health. With initiatives and programs designed for young people, by young people, they promise to end mental health stigma in our generation. By designing their programs to go beyond traditionalapproaches to mental health, Jack.org targets not just the 1 in 5 Canadians who are affected by mental illness, but all young people, the 5 in 5.

    OTD’s $2,000 donation will effect change by partially funding over 45 new campus chapters in the coming year as well as an additional 40 Jack Talks speakers. This money will allow students to get in front of other students and spread the word that mental health goes beyond a lack of mental illness, that everyone has mental health and that it demands your attention.